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Frequently Asked Questions – Millbrae Leos Club

FAQ – For Parents and New Leos

How do I join?

1. Print out our application and fill it out.

2. Attend our meeting, which is the third Tuesday of each month in the David J Chetcuti Room at 6PM, and bring your application and the fee. Introduce yourself to the group and meet the other members.

3. Meet the Board and get the LEOS 101 from the membership directors, Ronald and Stella. Start signing up for events and volunteer with other members! You’ll be on a ONE month trial to see how you like LEOS.

4. If you like being a part of this amazing group of people and doing great things for your community, tell us and we will cash in your check so that you may place your order for your sweatshirt, two t-shirts, and name badge. You are now officially a member of The Millbrae LEOS Club.

5. Time to have fun, make new friends, and learn great skills on how to become an amazing leader.

Why is there a membership fee?

The $80 membership fee is required to purchase the necessary Leos gear (2 T-Shirts, 1 Sweatshirt, and a name badge) which should be worn at ALL Leos events. Please enclose it in cash or a check made payable to the Millbrae Leos Club and bring it along with the application.

What do Leo members do?
Leo members volunteer at local community events, help fundraise for various organizations, attend club bondings, attend the annual Friends and Family Dinner, and much more!

How old do I have to be to join the Millbrae Leos Club?
We prefer applicants to be at least in 7th grade at the time of their application. However, some exceptional 6th graders may apply.

Do I have to live in Millbrae to be in the club?

No, you do not have to live in Millbrae to volunteer for the Millbrae Leos Club. However, most events will be within the Millbrae community, so your commute may be longer.

What is the significance of the one month trial period?

The one month trial period activates as soon as you apply for membership. In this period, the new Leo member will get to volunteer at the events (but not receive their Leos gear until after) and decide if he/she wishes to continue in the future. After the trial period, the Leo member will let us know if they want to stay with the club. If they do, they will receive their Leos gear. If not, they will be fully reimbursed with no hard feelings. 🙂

What do I do if I want to leave Leos?

Contact or talk to the Mills and Taylor Membership Directors (Leo Ronald Huang and Leo Stella Zhou) and they will help you out.

What events does the Millbrae Leos Club participate in?
Some events Leos can sign up for include, but are not limited to: Pancake Breakfasts, the Art and Wine Festival, Car Show, Tree Lighting Ceremony, Chinese New Year Festival, Cioppino Dinners, Relay for Life, Mills Mania, and loads more!

Are the events chaperoned?

Yes, ALL events are chaperoned by our Leos Advisors (members of the Millbrae Lions Club).

How much of my time will be spent in this club?

This all depends on you, but we highly encourage you to participate in at least one event per month. Of course, school and personal agendas are first priority, so if there is any conflict at a certain time, we understand. After all, we’re students just like you! The general meetings are monthly and the event shifts range from 1-5 hours.

Can I sign up for more than one event? What about more than one shift per event?

Yes, and yes. Just make sure you don’t sign up for two events that happen on the same day at the same time.

What are the monthly raffle tallies and how do I increase my chances of winning?

At our general meetings, we hold a raffle featuring prizes that go with the theme of the month. By volunteering/chairing at more events and attending more meeting, you will accumulate more and more raffle points. The more involved a Leo member is in the club, the better chance you have for winning the prizes.Take it as a token for giving back to our Leos members!

What does it take to be a chair?
After participating in numerous Leos events, you will get the chance to chair. You must be responsible, honest, motivated, and have leadership skills in order for this position.

How do I chair/co-chair an event? What are my responsibilities?
You will get to sign up for either position at the general meeting. As a chair, you are required to contact the list of Leos volunteering at the event 48 HOURS before the date of the event to remind them of their attendance. At the event, you will need to check off the event roster when each member arrives and take note of their arrival time. Make sure to give red flags to anyone defying the rules. At the next general meeting, you will have to bring the event roster with you and give it to the membership directors (Leo Ronald Huang and Leo Stella Zhou).

What if I can’t make the event?
It is your responsibility to let the chair or co-chair of the event know that you will not be able to make and find a replacement for your position. You will have to contact a fellow Leo member yourself before the day of the event.

What if I’m a chair and can’t make the event?
As a chair, you CANNOT find a replacement for your position. When signing up for events, it is your responsibility to make sure you are free on the specified date. If you absolutely cannot make it, you will be red flagged. (Sorry, but that’s the way it works)

What are red flags?
Red flags are warnings to notify the Leo member that they have violated some of the rules when volunteering at the events. If you are:
– Over 10 minutes late
– Cannot find a replacement if you can’t make the event
– Not engaging as a volunteer (i.e. not helping out when help is needed)
– Engaging in disruptive and disrespectful conduct
You WILL be red flagged. If you accumulate 3 red flags, we will have to discuss your membership in the club.

Do I get service hours? If so, do you track them?
Yes, you DO get service hours. HOWEVER, we are not responsible for tracking your service hours––that is up to you. If you wish to sign off tracked volunteer hours, please contact the board members.

I’ve been in the Millbrae Leos Club for a while now. How do I join the Leos Board?
If you wish to help run the club, fill out board applications at the specified time. Announcements for Leos Board applications will be made available at around February and due in March. You will need to turn in your application by the due date and will have to schedule an interview for your preferred position.

FOR FURTHER INQUIRIES, FEEL FREE TO CONTACT taylormembership@millbraeleosclub.org OR ANYONE ON THE LEOS BOARD (emails shown under ‘Board Members’)

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