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Board Members – Millbrae Leos Club

Leos Board:



As president of the Millbrae Leos Club their job is to prepare all BOD and general meeting agendas, presides over all BOD and general meetings, and support the rest of the board when they need help. The president of the Millbrae LEOS Club also represent the club at community events and functions. The president must represent his/he self in a well respected manner and maintain a well composure for the BOD and LEOS to put their trust into the president. The president furthermore makes executive decisions concerning and urgent issue and is to choose an option that is in the best interest of the club.

Stella Zhou
Stella Zhou is a senior at Mills and is excited this year to be this year Leos president. Stella joined the Leos when she was in 7th grade to find ways she can give back to her community. Through Leos she was able to learn and improve on new skills such as her public speaking skills and her leadership skills. Stella wants to make Leos a fun and rewarding experience for each Leo. In her free time, she likes to hang out with friends, hit the gym, play tennis, and catch up on shows, on Netflix. Stella also loves to travel and go on new exciting adventures.

Vice President:

The Vice President oversees the board of directors and is responsible for supporting the president in various tasks. He/she will cover smaller projects and preside over the club in case of the president’s absence.

Michelle Chan
Michelle is excited to be this year’s Millbrae Leos Club Vice President. When she discovered the club in 2011, she automatically became inspired by the prospect of helping others. Leos has helped her become more involved with the makings of the Millbrae community and allowed her to thrive as person. As with many others, it has given her the opportunity to gain responsibility and collaborate with other members. Besides working with the Millbrae Leos Club, Michelle co-organizes an annual TEDx event at Mills High School and spends her free time writing for her school’s newspaper, reading the New York Times, and enjoying life.


Membership Director:

The Membership Director’s task is to recruit both middle school and high school students to join the club and to keep track of them. In addition, the Membership Director is responsible for taking attendance during general meetings and raffle tallies. He/she also updates the master roster and organizes important documents. Not only does the Membership Director deal with paperwork and what not, he/she also has to be innovative in order to come up with different ways to recruit new members.

Desiree Lin
Desiree Lin is a sophomore at Mills High School that will be serving as the Membership director this year. She loves community service and being involved around school, which is why she is also in the Interact club and Leadership class. At a young age, Desiree has learned to always lend a helping hand to everyone, no matter the circumstance. So, she thought that the best way to do that is by joining a service club/organization. In addition, she wishes to further spread the concept of lending a helping hand throughout the community. During her free time, Desiree enjoys spending time with friends and family, playing tennis, drinking boba, and going to the beach with her dog.

Budget Director:

The Budget Director is in charge of knowing the club’s financial status. During the general meetings, the Budget Director lists the several budgets that the club uses: the Projects Income, Administration Income, and Total Income. The budget Director also collaborates with the Historian to plan the annual Friends and Family Dinner.

Demetri Marinos
Demetri Marinos is very excited to be this year’s budget director for the Millbrae Leos Club! He joined when he was in the 7th grade, but he is currently a freshman in Mills High School. The reason he joined was to help the community, but he also joined the Leos Club, because he had just recently moved to Millbrae and was unfamiliar with everyone around him. He thought this would help him make new friends, while helping out the community. Joining the Leos Club has helped him gain the skills that he will need in

Projects Director:

The projects director is responsible for coordinating all of the projects the leos participate in. The projects director is expected to be efficient, organized and informed. The projects director must also be comfortable communicating with leos, lions and other adult figures to coordinate our events. Last but not least, the projects director must be well informed of the events leos will be participating in so that the club, new members, and parents will also be well informed.

Isabella Marinos
Bella is an incoming Sophomore at Mills High School and is delighted to be the 2016-2017 Projects Director for the Millbrae Leos Club. She joined the Leos Club in 7th grade after moving to Millbrae because she wanted to get in touch and give back to her community. Besides working with the Millbrae Leos Club, Bella enjoys reading, swimming and just hanging out with her friends & family.


The Secretary of the Millbrae Leos Club is responsible for documenting all the information that is discussed during general and board meetings. In addition, the secretary is responsible for the monthly raffle tally.

Sonia Fonseca
Sonia Fonseca is very excited to be on this year’s Millbrae Leos Board as the secretary. This will be her senior year at high school. She first joined the Leos club when she was a freshman because she wanted to be able to help her community and meet new and exciting friends. Through the Millbrae Leos Club, she learned that she loves to be able to help her community. In addition to volunteering, she loves to swim, play water polo, eat chocolate, and Winnie the Pooh.

Group Leader:

As group administrator of the Millbrae Leos Club their job is to interact with members and motivate and encourage Leos to attend meetings and events. He/she is responsible for helping Leos out when they are in need and guiding new Leos through the application and club process. He/she acts as a mentor toward the Leos. As group administrative they not only help the the board in times of need but also must keep the spirit alive in the club, during and after the meeting. As group administrator he/she is the one that energizes the club. He/she is always positive is the go to person for members if they are ever in need.

Bosco Tang
Bosco Tang is a senior at mills and is looking forward to be this year’s group administrator. Bosco joined the Leos club back when he was a 7th grader, in hope of giving back to the community that raised him. Through Leos, he was able to cope with new skills and learned valuable communication and leadership skills. Bosco looks to help LEOS, to its best, to benefit both the club and the community. During Bosco’s free time, he enjoys to play basketball, go swimming, and hang with his friends. Bosco also loves to meet new people and to get to know them better.

Publicity Director:

The Publicity Director of the Leos Club is in charge of all social media accounts. This includes running Leos facebook group and running the website. The Publicity Director makes sure that all events, calendar, and photos are posted on the facebook.

Alex Zhou
Alex Zhou is a junior at Mills High School and is super glad to be this year’s Publicity Director. He joined Leos when he was in 7th grade after being forced by his older sister. After joining the club, he fell in love with the club. He was introduced to so many new people and made so many new friends during his time in the Leos club. Before joining Leos, Alex was super shy and could never speak in public. However, after joining the Leos, Alex has gained public speaking skills and teamworking skills. In his free time, he likes to surf the web, play many hours of video games, talk to friends, sleep, and eat lots of food.

Lion Advisors:

Lion Calvin Chin

Lion Andy Lee

Lion Wayne Lee

Lion John Muniz

Lion Jan Rao

Lion Michael Rao

Lion Randy Sahae

Lion Ann

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