Step by Step on Becoming a LEO

Join the LEOS Family and have an impact on your community!

1. Print out our application and fill it out.

2. Attend our meeting, which is the third Tuesday of each month in the David J Chetcuti Room at 6PM, and bring your application and the fee. Introduce yourself to the group and meet the other members.

3. Meet the Board and get the LEOS 101 from the membership directors, Ronald and Stella. Start signing up for events and volunteer with other members! You’ll be on a one month trial to see how you like LEOS.

4. If you like being a part of this amazing group of people and doing great things for your community, tell us and we will cash in your check so that you may place your order for your sweatshirt, two t-shirts, and name badge. You are now officially a member of The Millbrae LEOS Club.

5. Time to have fun, make new friends, and learn great skills on how to become an amazing leader.